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It's not about me.

About this freelance copywriter.

Seriously though.

This is about YOU.

As a freelance copywriter, my job is to create content which speaks the language of your brand. So I don’t leave anything to chance. I research like mad. And then research some more. I won’t write a word until I’m so excited about your brand and your ideas that I’m about to go POP. This translates into the copy I create, inspiring your readers and inspiring you.

The right copy will TRANSFORM your marketing and branding from blah to hurrah quicker than you can say “correctly placed apostrophe”.

Biggest copywriting MISTAKES:

  • Using inaccessible or intimidating language; industry jargon anyone?
  • Being too salesy or using “business speak.”
  • Thinking you can just bash out your own copy. You wouldn’t perform an operation on yourself or replace your own brakes now would you? Leave it to a pro.

“I get the job done. On time, every time.”

Honestly, wild horses couldn’t prevent me from meeting deadlines. I pride myself on delivering quality copy on time, every time.

Yeah, yeah, how much?

My fees.

Some example pricing

Copywriting from

£ 380
  • This price includes:
  • Initial consultation
  • New client research (required for all new clients)
  • Up to 300 words of copy (£95 per hour/up to 300 words thereafter)
  • Stress free blog posts, website copy, articles, white papers

Copyediting from

£ 190
  • This price includes:
  • Initial consultation
  • Copyediting of up to 2000 words (£95 per 1000 words thereafter)
  • Cheaper option for the budget conscious (you write, I check & polish)
  • Perfect for industry specific or general articles, blog posts, white papers

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"“Beth is so full of energy and ideas, and her work is exceptional."

James Scott - Autolawn

actually about me.

Oh go on then, have some facts.


I have a standing goal of visiting four countries per year (when not in lockdown). The best part of travelling? THE FOOD (and reading of course).


I love to read (surprise). I aim to complete a book a week. Except on holiday when I can happily devour a book a day. Chomp, chomp, chomp.


I workout for at least 30 minutes a day, it keeps me happy and on track with my goals.  It also offsets the fact that I LOVE FOOD.


Every kind of music. Every day. Always on loud enough to sing along to. Dancing imperative for the good feels, wherever, whenever.

Make content Colourful.

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