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No fluff. Just selling your stuff.

the Copywriting process.

From concept to content

Firstly, I’ll send over my quote and you’ll agree to my terms. 

Now that’s sorted, let’s get to know each other.

I need to know what makes your brand tick, and understand what you need, so that I can create copy that speaks to your target audience and communicates your core message. 

I might send you over a questionnaire to fill out, or we’ll have a good ole’ chinwag on the phone or video chat so I can really grasp what you’re looking for. Now is also the time for you to grill me with your questions!

I will:

This is where I need you to:

You can now just sit back and relax while I start to spin words. If you’re a new client this will begin with research, research and more research! 

I will evaluate the image you’re giving to the world and see how it compares to your competitors, so I can create a picture in my mind of who they all are and where we fit into it. 

Smokes pours from my keyboard as I take all my research and combine it into copy with a cohesive message that oozes from every word. 

I will:

I’d be grateful if you could:

The copy has landed in your inbox. You might love it and feel that it’s ready to go. In which case, great, you have new copy!

However, there’s often another step. The first submission sometimes requires a bit of a tweak (and my quote always includes one round of changes in line with the original brief) so bring on the feedback! Please be brutally honest, don’t worry I can handle it.

You can narrow down changes with your team or we can go through it together looking for areas you want to be adjusted. I’ll go away, make the changes and present you with your brand new, super shiny, highly targeted, final copy.

I will:

Please be:

We’re there. You have the copy you could previously only dream of and I sit back basking in the joy of adding another satisfied client to my list.

I’ll send over the final invoice. 

I’d love some feedback on how much you enjoyed the process, or areas where you think it could be improved. I’m all about the feedback! 

And don’t forget we’re a team now, any time you need me, I got you. Just give me a call!

I will:

I’d be grateful if you would now:

""If you're looking for someone who gets the job done, within the agreed time frames and exceeds your original expectations, than Beth is that person"

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Don't Know What You Want Or What You Need?​

Don't panic, I've got you! Just book a free 30 minute chat and we'll come up with some ideas of how to achieve your goals!

Burning Questions/FAQ's

I know this isn't what you want to hear (sorry) but it really does depend on what kind of copy you want.


As a guide though, I generally write up to 300 words of unique copy per hour. If I’ve been working with you or your industry for a while its at the higher end of that scale, if we’re new to each other, slightly less. This is because it takes time to pin down your brand voice, and I take a great deal of care to ensure that every word I write fits.

I charge £95 per hour. My day rate is £600.

I have been known to give small discounts for regular clients, charities and depending on how much I like you, but please bear in mind that as a full-time copywriter my fee is based on my experience, education, and skill (and the simple fact that I have bills to pay).


If you’re really struggling, consider my copyediting service. You write it, I’ll edit it. I can copyedit up to 1000 words an hour.

I don’t write on spec, as a test or for the promise of future work or exposure. This is because writing takes time and effort to research, write, and edit, all of which is energy I could be dedicating to my paying clients.

If you’re unsure whether or not we’ll be a good fit, I take bookings for as little as 2-hour blocks and would have no hard feelings if you decide to go in a different direction after the project is complete and paid for.

I am also happy to provide a sample sheet of previous work on request.

I include one round of changes (as long as they’re in line with the original brief) in all my quotes. Of course, if you require further changes, I am more than happy to make them for a fee.


Copywriting can be subjective, but I work hard to ensure that we’re on the same page before I even start writing so that you’re getting exactly what you want and need for your brand.

I am currently working on a 2-week lead time, from initial conversation to booking the work. This is dependent on you providing me with the necessary information and agreeing to my terms in a timely manner.


But if you’re desperate for an even faster turnaround, I’ll do my absolute best to help! Give me a call now to discuss.

Of course! Creating the ultimate brand presence often takes a village, I’d love to be on your team.

Short version, words. Anywhere that you need words, either print or digital, I can help. Websites, brochures, product description, scripts, press releases, blogs or articles, infograms, social media posts. I can write a short tagline of a few words or a hefty white paper of thousands and anywhere in between.

The truth is no one should be promising to get you to the top of rankings, or guaranteeing a certain amount of traffic, and you should swiftly turn and run away from anyone in the content, copy or marketing sector who promises these kinds of results.


What I can do is write you epic content which perfectly communicates your message and reflects your brand identity, as well as provide you with advice and strategy on how best to drive your business forward. This type of relevant, unique and engaging content is loved not only by the Google bots and algorithms (who decide your ranking fate) but also your customers, users and readers (who decide your profits).


I only work with products and services that I am genuinely excited about, and it is my intention to generate the same excitement in your potential customers and clients.

I don’t like to limit myself to any sector or industry, good writing and great ideas should be applied everywhere.

However, I do specialise in HR and recruitment copywriting. Due to my extensive experience in writing for this sector, I’ve fostered a deep passion for it (I know, what a nerd!).

I have written for many diverse industries including custom software, fintech, the music industry and consumer products, and I'm always open to new topics.

I write predominantly for B2B, however I also have regular clients in the B2C sphere.

Once the project is finished and the invoice has been settled in full it’s all yours!


However, as part of our contract I do request that you allow me to list you as a client in my marketing and this might mean linking to the work, or providing snippets of it on my sample sheet. If you would prefer that I didn’t do this, just let me know.

As part of my terms and conditions I agree to maintain total confidentiality of any information you share with me. I am also happy to sign an NDA.

It all starts with a call or email to let me know you need me. Then I’ll either send over a brief questionnaire for you to fill out, or we’ll book in a call to fill it out together. After that I’ll provide a quote and you’ll agree to my terms. And then it’s on!

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Don't Know What You Want Or What You Need?​

Don't panic, I've got you! Just book a free 30 minute chat and we'll come up with some ideas of how to achieve your goals!

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